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Bouletta - Leather collection


At Bouletta, we produce high quality full-grain leather products with the philosophy of amalgamating functionality and aesthetics. It has been our passion to design and create products that fulfils our customers’ expectations.
Bouletta - Handcrafted


Handcrafted with high quality genuine leather, Bouletta leather products give a natural, luxurious and elegant feel when you touch.
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Leather products have the advantage of durability over conventional synthetics. Along with the advantages of leather itself, Bouletta products are designed for elegance, high durability, grip and comfort.
Bouletta - Premium elements


We only use premium elements when creating our products. The main element in our product range is genuine leather and we only use quality leather. Stitching material, fasteners, zips, etc. all elements of our products are carefully selected, processed and assembled.
Bouletta - Bouletta artists


All our products are handcrafted by our veteran workers. We call them our “Bouletta artists”. We must say that Bouletta do the best to keep them happy and motivated. We believe that having our workers happy keeps them motivated to produce high quality products.
Bouletta - Excellent customer service


We work hard and establish efficient, transparent and reliable business relations. For us, excellent customer service is paramount for the success of our business.

About Us

Bouletta was established in 2002 in Istanbul, Turkey to deliver to the market elegant and premium leather products. Leather is our specialisation and we love designing for leather.

Being a Turkish company, we are passionate about our heritage and especially our heritage in working with leather. Therefore, all premium Bouletta leather products are handcrafted in Istanbul, using Turkish cowhide leather.

Bouletta leather products are produced in accordance to all European regulations in terms of processing leather to ensure that the chemicals used do not contain carcinogens and all manufacturing processes are conducted in modern and light workshops based in Istanbul.

The research of people’s requirements for an ideal balance between functional aspects and aesthetic sensitivity is the basis of Bouletta’s philosophy. Premium materials and accessories make Bouletta products unique and fashionable. From serious black to bright green, from ocean blue to earth brown you will find a colour from life in our products.

Bouletta offers an amazing selection of designer technology and fashion brought together to provide its customers quality, innovation and style.

Bouletta has developed and delivered its own sense of style and an eye for fashion, offering case solutions and accessories which bring practicality, creativity and inspiration together in a comprehensive line of products that delight users and create lifelong customers.

Today, Bouletta products are offered in more than 30 countries in the world; including Europe, USA, Russia and the Middle East. We work with reliable partners to expand our network for delivering our quality products to every nation in the world.


Bouletta Business

With Bouletta Business, you can benefit from our business grade service and special prices. This opens doors to lots of benefits including flexibility, customised solutions, door-to-door logistic arrangements and more. As your supplier, we will be able to provide our high quality and elegant products anywhere in the world. For us, customer services is the heart of our business and we strive for providing excellent customer services along with supplying our products.

For example, how about customised phone cases with your company’s logo, slogan, trademark or insignia? Would you like more flexibility? We are ready to discuss options for products with your custom design based on the wide variety of leather patterns and colours we can provide.

So, are you looking for a reliable business partner in terms of what we can provide? Then, we would be glad hearing from you.

Or if you are already in business capable of selling products that we can supply and wish to become a Bouletta re-seller, get in touch and we will do our best to initiate a good business relationship based on mutual benefits.

Extensive Portfolio of Products

We can produce a good variety of leather products and have an extensive portfolio of well-loved and reliable designs — mobile phone & tablet cases, notebook bags, briefcases, camera cases, wallets, trolley bags, etc.

We are Boutique

We keep our business terms “Boutique”:

  • Flexible minimum order quantities
  • Orders delivered in short time
  • Excellent and friendly relationship with our customers, and continuous support.


We work hard and establish efficient, transparent and reliable business relations. For us, excellent customer service is paramount for the success of our business.


We share our expertise with our partners to assist them incorporate our product portfolio into their business systematic.

Continuous Development

We streamline our manufacturing processes and transform our product portfolio based on feedback from our customers in order to deliver what they like in a manner how they like it.

Customisation and Flexibility

We are happy to discuss customised solutions specifically tailored for our customers’ needs. We also help our customers for a door-to-door full solution when fulfilling their orders.

Customised Products

Customised Products

We can help you build your own leather product portfolio

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