Galaxy S8 Plus Leather Cases by Bouletta

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iPhone 7 Leather Case - Bouletta Wallet Case N Antic Brown 01
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Why Bouletta Leather?

Leather products have the advantage of durability over conventional synthetics. Along with the advantages of leather itself, Bouletta leather products are designed for elegance, high durability, grip and comfort.

For example, have you ever thought how many times you use your smartphone in a day?
This means you touch your Galaxy S8 Plus case -if you have one- that many times. This is exactly why you should choose Bouletta leather items: Handcrafted with high quality genuine leather, Bouletta Galaxy S8 Plus leather cases give a natural, luxurious and elegant feel when you touch.

Besides, while offering high quality products with many design features, Bouletta strives to provide an excellent customer service.

Note: As a natural characteristic of leather, slight colour variation is possible.